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"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do" - Edgar Degas 

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My name is Crystal Fisher and I'm a full-time, professional artist working out of my art studio in Alberta. I am currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I enjoy adding a unique perspective to my work in order to make each piece memorable. My work is currently being exhibited in a variety of private homes and businesses. As you will see on the site I work in multiple mediums. My current focus is a series called When Art and Travel Collide.

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Why I Started Arts

When I started my vlog/blog When Art and Travel Collide, I noticed there wasn’t very much coverage for those 2 categories together. It is a niche market yes, but it is one which I think a lot of people will enjoy. The growth I have seen so far says I was correct. I wanted to combine my three loves, art, travel, and food. 


I  want to be able to bring new art to the world sharing my experiences and ideas. To help showcase new and upcoming artists When I was just starting out as an artist it was really hard to get known or be seen in the art world. I hope to help some artists with that by doing cover stories on them. I want to empower women around the world and show them you can do anything you set your mind to.

Crystal's Resume

As an integral aspect of Crystal Fisher's very being, art plays a large part in her life and goals. A well-known artist herself, she travels the world, sharing her love of all art forms with everyone she meets. Crystal's awareness of, and respect for, the value, beauty, and creativity of art, has shaped her life.

It has inspired her to contribute to the art world with the knowledge and skills she's acquired, by teaching classes and giving presentations around her Alberta home. When traveling, she visits art galleries and seminars in multiple countries, talks with local artists, and photographs the beauty she sees. Through it all, Crystal continually takes the opportunity to learn additional techniques from peers and mentors.

Crystal has currently created over 500 pieces of art with many pieces finding homes in private collections around the world. With her art hanging in collections across the globe, she continues to make the world a more colorful place, one piece of artwork at a time. 


Crystal has always been an entrepreneur and incorporates her art into that. In between owning two storefront businesses, she has taken time to give back to her community by volunteering and sharing both her artistic talents and interpersonal skills. She's served as the "Membership Chairperson" for the Allied Art Council in Spruce Grove, a member on the Board of Directors at Barrhead and helped with creating a mural in Wabamun, Alberta. Crystal is also a big contributor to the "Canadian Mosaic Murals" project, with her participation in the Spruce Grove, Westlock, Edmonton Klondike Days, and Stony Plain installations. In between creating new pieces of art she has taken time to be a judge for the Westlock Trade Fair and one of her favorite volunteer dates was serving as assistant to the Westlock Art Club when they hosted 65 people for a paint night. She was also a featured art teacher at the Edmonton Women's Show and a featured artist at Barrhead Art Club.

Most recently Crystal is living in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates and she has been experiencing events such as: The World Expo 2020,  The World Art Dubai Show 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Center. She is confident that this experience will yield a new, fresh focus in her work. 

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